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Networking Events

Details of future networking events will be announced on our BLOG.

25 July 2014

Urban Psychosis: An evening with Will Self

Holden Gallery, Manchester School of Art

Leading novelist and critic Will Self will talk about urbanism, psychogeography and the theme of urban psychosis. Will Self is the author of twenty books including My Idea of Fun, Psychogeography and his recently published novel Umbrella. His latest book Shark is to be released later this year.

5 June 2014

Yenda Rain

Manchester School of Art

Vic McEwan from The Cad Factory will talk about this innovative Australian arts project he developed after devasting floodsin the town of Yenda.

5 July 2013

Symposium and Launch Event: Mortality: Death and the Imagination

Holden Gallery, Manchester School of Art

The symposia will consist of two short presentations and a keynote lecture from Dr Iona Heath. The event is designed to complement the exhibition Mortality: Death and the Imagination, which brings together seven artists, all of whose work explores issues beyond the surface level responses; examining the degrees of separation between thought, experience and imagination.

8 July - 16 August 2013

Exhibition: Mortality: Death and the Imagination

Holden Gallery, Manchester School of Art


There is no shortage of art, or indeed literature, which marks, references or reflects on death. As a way of dealing with the subject, work often makes use of strategies such as metaphor and more oblique references as a way of dealing with a difficult theme. This exhibition aims to look at a range of responses, as a way of thinking about how perceptions and attitudes are formed. As well as considering the way in which death and dying are kept at a convenient distance, there will also be the inclusion of work which takes a more direct line and aims to challenge the viewer.

Approaches to death often provide a wider insight into cultural, social and political conditions. Some work reflects on political circumstance, others deal with the interventions of medicine and their associated institutions. Science is often presented as providing a set of potential answers, a voice of authenticity. Yet, despite offering a sophisticated array of medicinal solutions, it could also be seen to degrade human life, particularly at the point of death. There is an interest in the exhibition to also consider the process, condition and consequence of death and dying, as well as the more familiar aesthetic responses.

The art works in Mortality: Death and the Imagination, all look to explore issues beyond surface responses and to examine the degrees of separation between thought and experience. The works - in very different ways - all have a sense of consequence; a need to question and develop ideas around death and dying and subject material to more rigorous examination. The exhibition will be supported by a range of inter-disciplinary talks, events and a conference to generate further thought, discussion and reflection.

Artists include: Ian Breakwell, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Douglas Gordon, Julian Opie, Cornelia Parker, Bob and Roberta Smith, Sam Taylor Wood.

8 July

Death-talking to Delirium - Mortality: Death and the Imagination

Holden Gallery, Manchester School of Art

Creative minds from the field of health, medicine and the arts share some of their pasions and ideas from their practice and as a response to the exhibition - Mortality: Death and the Imagination. Speakers include Dr Sam Guglani, Molly Carlile and Victoria Hume

Past Events

Lecture by Richard Cork

13 June 2012

The Healing Presence of Art
A History of Western Art in Hospitals

6.30pm, John Dalton Tower, MMU All Saints Campus

To celebrate the first year of the Arts for Health Archive, and to help place contemporary arts/health practice within a long- standing yet little-studied tradition, Arts for Health has invited Richard Cork to talk about his new and beautifully illustrated book on the history of western art in hospitals. This event will be of interest to anyone concerned with the arts, the human environment, and wellbeing.

The event is free, but we do ask you to book in advance by emailing

Richard Creme Exhibition

2 May - 10 May 2012

Link Gallery, Grosvenor Building, Manchester Metropolitan University

Dementia and Imagination with Claire Ford

26 January 2012

We are thrilled that the artist Claire Ford will be sharing reflections of her Churchill Fellowship at our first network event of 2012 on Thursday January 26th between 6:00 and 8:00pm (venue to be confirmed at MMU). As usual the event is free to our members, and will be informal. Claire spent 10 weeks in the USA exploring different approaches to dementia and the arts, and will be sharing this experience, her findings and ideas about future developments in the field.

Thanks to those who've said they want to attend. Anyone who hasn't yet expressed an interest, please get in touch by the 19th January. Venue will be confirmed by email one week prior to the event.