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Andrew Tanser

Oncology Garden Area Commission

Trained initially as an architectural stone and wood carver, I went on to study as an industrial designer and work in London. Since 1993 I have been producing my own work, selling work for example at the Royal Academy 1996 summer show, undertaken a wide variety of commissions, workshops and public art projects.

My carving background has trained my eye and given me a deep understanding of shape, movement and detail. The design work has given me the skills to research and execute a project to the highest standards.

Shape is really my thing. I tend to establish the balance, movement and rhythm in the underlying forms and ideas first before moving onto the technical aspects, materials and surface details - lines, pattern and texture. The aim is to breath life into static inanimate materials thereby making meaningful, believable and self-contained objects that have a credibility, elegance, integrity and a quality of their own.

My most successful work is a culmination of a number of ideas, observations and feelings expressed simply and directly. I tend to work within a set of aesthetic principles that are more instinctive than defined, hinting at origins from the natural world. I use clean, voluptuous, feminine forms with a good sense of structure and purpose.

I enjoy the variety and challenge that each project brings and find the demands, interaction and cross fertilisation of ideas creatively stimulating.

I work either on my own or in collaboration with other artists and relevant partners required to fulfill a brief, depending on the scope, complexity and size of a project.

I am currently producing a fluid flowing sculpture / bench for St Helens New Hospital Oncolgy garden. I am really pleased with the way it is turning out, it has a real sense of movement and it is a tight clean piece of work that has stayed true to the original concept.

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