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Carl Jaycock

Internal Wall Space Commission

I am an artist trained as both artist and designer with many commissions in public settings both national and international. I have many awards for my work and was recently the winner of the Sotheby Open and promoted as an up and coming British artist. I have many artworks in public and private collections mostly internationally.

My work explores the creative use of colour and pattern and collections of imagery. My artworks are often created after years of collecting imagery. I often reuse and re-contextualise imagery to create new meanings and interpretations. Viewing my artworks from very close or a distance to reveal other imagery is a characteristic of my work artwork and explored extensively in much of my commissioned artworks and gallery work.

The commission for St Helens are of two types of artwork. One is a few selected sunsets from the sunset series of images I recorded over a year. The idea behind the work is inspired by the old saying 'red sky at night shepherds delight' and is something positive and uplifting and sunset are common to all mankind around the world and trigger the same emotions in all of us. The butterfly series are inspired from my time living in South East Asia where the butterflies are very common place and beautiful. The twist is in the patterns of the butterflies wings are also images relating to travel and other places.

If you wish to enquire about Carl Jaycocks artwork or prints please call him directly on 07773 122038 or email