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Chris Wood

Atrium Commission

Glass is a material that allows me to exploit the aesthetic potential of light. My sculptures are simple arrangements of optical materials, which create kinetic patterns of reflected and refracted light, from both natural and artificial sources.

When designing an artwork for a specific location I take my lead from the light that the space presents. The atrium of the hospital is a very exciting area to work in as the natural light has many opportunities to impact upon the space. I will be creating two pieces for this area using a material called *Dichroic Glass. The first, situated near the main entrance will be a wall mounted piece that engages with the natural light entering through the west facing glass fašade of the building and the lovely shards of light which project into the space from the roof vents. The second will be a suspended piece located deeper into the building and will interact with the southerly light entering from the adjacent courtyards.

I have a particular interest in producing work within therapeutic environments. The primary elements of my work are colour and light, both of which have an impact upon our moods. Our feelings and energy levels are very directly affected by certain hormones in the body which are produced in response to colour and light.

My work is often referred to as uplifting or calming and I attribute this to working very directly with such powerful medium. I believe that an artwork that aesthetically exploits light and colour within a space cannot fail to have a positive impact upon the experience of that space, which is particularly pertinent within a hospital environment.

Below are quotes from people on viewing my work:

"This is beautiful. It brightens up the day."
"Somewhere over the rainbow bluebirds fly! Fabulous."
"Vibrant healing energy."
"Very Zen – soothing an incredible use of light and glass creating an effect worthy of pleasure."

*Dichroic Glass is a colourless glass with an optical coating applied to its surface. This coating interferes with the light it encounters producing optical colours which reflect off and transmit through the glass. These colours change in intensity and hue depending upon the angle of both light source and viewer.

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