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Edwina fitzPatrick

Internal Wall Space Commission

The artwork uses lenticular technology to replicate the experience of being in woodland, in which your eyes slowly become attuned to the subtle changes in light or the presence of wildlife. The photographs convey the passing of the seasons - flipping between the heart of winter and the height of summer according to where you position yourself.

The image is framed as a window looking into a different (external) space. Edwina chose lenticular photos because hospitals use scanning equipment (C.A.T/ X-rays / M.R.I. scanners) to visualise, and diagnose, our body's internal landscape. Rather than being scanned yourself, you can scan the external woodland landscape.

Because you need to move slightly to read all aspects of the photographs, the aim is to make everyone in the area more comfortable and relaxed, to generate conversations, and make time pass more quickly. Hopefully the changing nature of the images means that staff and regular visitors will find something new in the artwork each time they're pass it.

Edwina fitzPatrick is based in London, where she also teaches for the University of the Arts. Her artwork involves a range of media but always relates to plant life and the green environment. It responds to the context that it is presented in, be it indoors and outdoor. Recent projects have included Cultivar – a hydroponic apple orchard inside a railway arch in London: the art of living – a 'living' labyrinth in Glasgow; and The Orchid Collection – life sized orchid family trees replicated in paper presented in Gallery 33, Berlin.

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