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Inge Panneels

Internal Wall Space Commission

Inge Panneels @ IDAGOS designs and makes bespoke architectural or sculptural glass pieces. Its trademark is simple designs with intricate detailing and rich in colour and texture.

The majority of work is made to commission and site-specific. The process of commissioning involves a dialogue between the site, the client and IDAGOS which is a stimulating and thought provoking exercise.

IDAGOS' strength is providing an all-encompassing package; from initial design ideas, through sketch proposals and actual manufacturing. Design proposals are developed following discussions with the client using sketches, drawings and samples.

IDAGOS was established in 1998 and has acquired great experience in project management of large and small scale bespoke glass commissions. IDAGOS is open to the challenge of unusual requirements. All work is made in-house or through an extensive network of other trades and architectural services, allowing a full 'from-concept-to-completion' service. Inge also enjoys the collaborative process of working with other professionals.

Inspiration for her work is driven by location and circumstance and life's rich tapestry but a recurrent theme is complementary opposition found in universal mythology.

Her work has been described as having a "fantastic stillness" (Homes and Interiors Scotland), "hauntingly beautiful" (Aberdeen Art Gallery), with a "meditative quality" (Crafts). "Her work combines high technical ability with a really creative approach. It is what everyone aims for but which is so hard to achieve." (Glass in Scotland)

For St Helens Hospital, Inge has designed three wall based lightboxes with an abstract internal landscape made from fused glass and backlit to provide focal points on the wall that work both during the day and night time.

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